Thursday, January 2, 2014

Starting off the new year with new graduate

What a great way to begin 2014! Kirby in CA just earned her certificate in Verbal abuse Defense.

For those of you on Section three (we have quite a few)--go ahead and finish the last section. Sometimes it seems as if it doesn't make sense to complete--but the lessons are designed to help change the way you think about "abuse." So finish up and we'll send your certificate too!

Amy said that her partner constantly used "Name calling, degradation, lying, public humiliation..." We do not have to live this way. So take back your power--let us show you how in our work books--this is the year of change.

My cousin gave me a dragon fly necklace for Christmas. Dragon flys symbolize transformation and change--yes, 2014 is the year of chance--let it change you!

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