Monday, February 21, 2005

Show, "Medium" demonstrates first class Marriage

Tim Goodman has written a scathing review of the new hit show "Medium." I have to agree that the first few episodes were lacking in sheer 'Hollywood' pizzas but the story has gained some followers and I am among them.

What I LIKE about this show more then the psychic stuff (which is intriguing) is her great relationship with her husband. WOW! Would I ever like to find that guy. Hollywood would do all of this country a favor by giving us more good examples like this marriage. It is a healthy balance. It's not 'Leave it to Beaver' bullshit nor is it the torrid passions (always evil and immoral) of the soap operas or sopranos. Its a healthy balanced marriage with all the problems any two have living together.

Cindy Pearlman of the Calgary Sun has a better grip on why this show is so special.

  • The series casts Arquette, 36, as DuBois, a housewife whose scientist husband (Jake Weber) sends descriptions of his wife's visions to law-enforcement. Initially dubious, they are soon convinced and hire her to help solve murder cases, and also to fill in the blanks in missing-persons cases. Arquette insists the heart of the show is dubious' home life with her husband and children.
Once of the ways to break domestic abuse is to give guys something to watch that doesn't make "macho" marvelous.Give us something that shows a caring man, watching the kids and making room for his wife's life without the "showing her who is boss" stuff. It's good for women to see this too. What do you think?