Friday, May 29, 2015

PETA’s Complaint of ‘Verbal Abuse’ Against Sheep Was Actually Investigated |

OMG--unbelievable.Verbally abusing sheep! Does PETA's filing a complaint about a farmer verbally abusing his sheep help the cause of verbal and emotional abuse or trivialize it?

PETA’s Complaint of ‘Verbal Abuse’ Against Sheep Was Actually Investigated | National Review Online: "epresentatives from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals went undercover to get footage of a sheep farmer using curse words in front of a flock at Boorungie Station in Australia — then used it to file a complaint claiming the behavior constituted  abuse."

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

5 New Graduates in Verbal Abuse Defense

We have 5 ladies (no men this time but we keep asking) who have completed the course on Verbal Abuse Defense. Here is the certificate they received (how about you?)
Each participant had their own take on teh answers--here are a few highlights:

Luci H wrote about Detachment, "You do not judge, retaliate or hurt. You simply state this is what you can do to me and this is what you cannot."

Lisa B explained why we are actually hurting another by giving them everything they want and by allowing them to be mean to us, "by giving a person everything they want is hurting them because they need to learn that not everything is handed to you."

Jilly D answered "How should you respond to verbal abuse?." Do not engage.
  Walk away.
  Do not react.
  Do not feed the desire to control.
  Yes - if I am not feeding his desire to control and to create a reaction, then his "addiction" is not fed and he will go somewhere else to get his "fix"

Susanne D talked about detachment, "Detachment is separating oneself from adverse, unpleasant or undesirable effects of abuse from someone in order to take good care of yourself."

and my all time favorite came from Donna K who said taht to improve her relationship she "don't be kissing his butt!!" Way to go Donna.

Congrats to our participants!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Narcissistic Cycle of Abuse | The Exhausted Woman

Wow--how true this is! Often the abuser manages to convince the target (we don't use the word 'victim') that it is in fact they who caused this abuse and the abuser becomes the victim with the target begging for fogiveness... the cycle is baffling for those caught in this vicious pattern. This is an article you must read!

The Narcissistic Cycle of Abuse | The Exhausted Woman: "Narcissism changes the back end of the cycle because the narcissist is constantly self-centered and unwilling to admit fault.  Their need to be superior, right, or in charge limits the possibility of any real reconciliation. Instead, it is frequently the abused who desperately tries for appeasement while the narcissist plays the victim. This switchback tactic emboldens the narcissist behavior even more, further convincing them of their faultlessness."

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