Friday, April 27, 2007

The View of Prevention Advocates on the Alec Baldwin Verbal Abuse Case

Maybe if we stopped allowing partners to abuse us with words and neglect, we would have a better chance that it would not extend to our kids. Verbal and emotional abuse boils down to respect for each of us--why do we think we can treat our loved ones so shabbily? More importantly, why do adults allow their partners to do it to them?

The View of Prevention Advocates on the Alec Baldwin Verbal Abuse Case: "Emotional abuse - which can involve belittling, criticizing, and ignoring - is child abuse, plain and simple. Even divorced parents need to work together to make sure their children are protected from it. Emotional abuse can happen when a parent is under stress and does not know how to properly manage that stress;"

Saturday, April 21, 2007

True You Recovery -Learning to ditch secrete keeping

i don't beleive in keeping secrets becasue i think it is the single greatest destoryer of familes and marriages. I bleive in not keeping our own and not keeping theirs! Keeping their secrets is enabling--a friend has written a book that you must read! check it out!

True You Recovery - Enriching life through personal growth and recovery!: "For three decades, author and counselor John Howard Prin lived as a Secret Keeper®, and his secret addictions escalated to near catastrophe. Since breaking the habit, he has directly experienced the rewards of successful recovery — whole-mindedness and renewed integrity. In these pages, he offers compelling true stories and practical exercises to empower readers to break their secret-keeping® habit or help a loved one caught in a web of deception.

The first half of the book explores the human tendency to keep secrets, profiling a variety of secret keepers from all walks of life. The second half provides a clear, step-by-step approach to healing, rebuilding self-esteem, and living a healthy, secret-free life."