Saturday, December 9, 2017

Woman Getting All Defensive About Inherent Worth And Selfhood

Made me laugh! worth reading to see things from the other side of the street.
Woman Getting All Defensive About Inherent Worth And Selfhood: "“It’s like I can’t say a single cruel and demeaning thing without her getting touchy about her value as a human being,” said boyfriend Brad Larsen, adding that Resper gets “totally bent out of shape” every time he tries to completely discount what she wants to do with her life or clearly demonstrates that his needs are always going to be more important than hers. “Jesus, she’s so thin-skinned about constantly being told to be something she’s not. Seriously, I make the slightest attempt to diminish her or undermine any pride she may have in her accomplishments, and she just lashes out.”"

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Emotional abuse takes toll |

This woman understands but as if often the case--only after 20 years of taking it, does she finally "get it." Sigh. C, now is making a difference and speaking out--Do you or do the men in your life out? “You don’t know that all this domineering behaviour is actually domestic violence,” she said.
Emotional abuse takes toll | The Flinders News: "But burning most fiercely in her heart, is the need to recognise that non-physical abuse can take as much toll as the physical forms of coercion. “Mental cruelty can take the form of yelling, isolating you from friends and family, threatening you, controlling you and being constantly critical of you,” Claire said. “It is a shock to me that the worst form of domestic violence has the least penalty."

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