Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kimorexia: No offense, but…

You've got to read her post...

Kimorexia: No offense, but…: "'No offense, but...'

Don’t you hate when someone says that? It means they are going to say something offensive, doesn’t it? They know it's offensive, and say it anyway. It’s like a get out of jail free card. They’re supposed to get off free, while you’re left with the scars.

That phrase has some hostile cousins:

“You’re __________”, followed by “kidding!” (Not so funny at all!)

“You should know better than to take it personally! You know how I am!'

“You should know better than to take me seriously!”

“Geez, can’t you take a joke?”"

Linda Neely: Lessons in remembrance - Sean Kirst -

They want to remember her--they want to teach children to recognize abuse. Good idea, but will it get off the ground?

Linda Neely: Lessons in remembrance - Sean Kirst - "That's intended as a way of getting at the quiet and continuing national tragedy that Linda Neely illustrates: She was an involved mom, a PTO treasurer, a well-loved worker at a local adoption agency ... and many who knew her well had no idea that she spent years in an abusive situation. Domestic abuse - physical, verbal or behavioral - slices through divisions of class and income, and is often hidden behind the walls of a house.

Colleen O'Brien, a Vera House staff worker, said a finely-tuned curriculum in the schools could help to gently educate children about patterns they might not even recognize as abuse.

I would invite anyone who has reflections about Linda Neely, or about the lessons to be gained from her life, to share them by leaving them here, e-mailing me at or visiting the forum."