Monday, June 18, 2012

Telling Lies During Abusive Relationships

Wow--sounds a lot like me---no matter what, I told him the truth--sometimes just to get back at him.
Telling Lies During Abusive Relationships | Verbal Abuse in Relationships: "My abusive husband sapped my sense of humor and dampened my free-spirit, but by golly, he couldn’t shake me of my honest streak. Usually, when he’d rant about my stubbornness, it happened because I wouldn’t lie. I wouldn’t say what he wanted me to say “for the sake of argument.”
He’d get back at me by telling his bosses that I made him late for work with my whining or refused to make the dish for the pot-luck. Perhaps those are lies every spouse tells, but I ws ultra-sensitive to them because of the other crap he dished out."

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

No Excuse for domestic violence

Domestic abuse happens most places in the world everyday. I'm glad this event is being used to reach the biggest offenders--and now don't get touchy you guys who are the targets--we know you are there--you are NOT being ignored or left out....
News Wales > Business > No excuse for domestic violence: "With the Euro 2012 now underway, football supporters throughout North Wales are being warned that there is no excuse for domestic abuse.
National research shows a clear link between alcohol consumption and domestic violence and North Wales Police will be using the tournament to target offenders and highlight the support available for victims.
Domestic abuse is happening every day in every part of the UK and one incident of domestic abuse is reported to the police nationally every minute. "

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Marriage, 3 Month Old And Verbal Abuse : I Am a Victim of Verbal Abuse Story & Experience

Gosh, I feel so sorry for people like this--A newly wed--if any of the readers here have the time, please go and offer some support--she may not need to leave. She is sticking up for herself now, but if she doesn't learn
how to demand respect and put a stop to his insanity, it will get worse and eventually she will stop standing up for herself--what can you tell her?
New Marriage, 3 Month Old And Verbal Abuse : I Am a Victim of Verbal Abuse Story & Experience: "I am in my mid 20's and just recently got married. My husband has a temper and has become verbally abusive recently. today he got super upset with me because I said we needed to get his car fixed because its not good for baby and me to be stuck at home with no car in case there is an emergency, after I suggested that he called me a "f*cking piece of ****" I asked him not to call me names anymore and then i was cleaning up his dirty dishes and said can you please put your dishes into the dishwasher? and he called me "f*cking scum" he also called me worthless, ******, f*cking waste of space all this happened in a matter of 20 mins today. "

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