Monday, June 18, 2012

Telling Lies During Abusive Relationships

Wow--sounds a lot like me---no matter what, I told him the truth--sometimes just to get back at him.
Telling Lies During Abusive Relationships | Verbal Abuse in Relationships: "My abusive husband sapped my sense of humor and dampened my free-spirit, but by golly, he couldn’t shake me of my honest streak. Usually, when he’d rant about my stubbornness, it happened because I wouldn’t lie. I wouldn’t say what he wanted me to say “for the sake of argument.”
He’d get back at me by telling his bosses that I made him late for work with my whining or refused to make the dish for the pot-luck. Perhaps those are lies every spouse tells, but I ws ultra-sensitive to them because of the other crap he dished out."

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  1. You know, I prided myself in telling the truth. He would often accuse me of lying and it hurt so bad because if he really loved me and KNEW me, he would know that I simply would not lie. He didn't know me and it made it seem that he didn't love me either. Once I learned the respect me rules, I finally discovered his accusations weren't because he really thought I was lying--it was to get me under his control and trying to please him. I am so glad I put a stop to it.


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