Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Verbal Abuse Prevention Week in the spotlight

This verbal abuse prevention week is in Canada--but I htink we need one here. Who can find a free week and mark us for this?

Verbal Abuse Prevention Week in the spotlight thanks to Islander - Prince Edward Island - CBC News: " mark Verbal Abuse Prevention Week in the hopes of tackling bullying.

Tami Martell, who has started Verbal Abuse Prevention Canada as a not-for-profit group based on P.E.I., wants provincial officials to take action."

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Friday, September 18, 2015

This Guy Just Changed The Way We See Beauty And The Beast.

This is great. Beauty and the Beast--classic abuser story. Here one of teh commentors (page 3 I think) gives us a new look at a classic sotry--I think I agree with him..except that the "beast" was only 11 when it began. never the less, it shows the dance in the abusive cycle. This was written by one of the commenters, PepsiVCoke

This Guy Just Changed The Way We See Beauty And The Beast. Mind Blown.: "So there's one little problem with this theory. Adam, also known as the beast, is turned into a beast in the first place due to his selfishness. As the beast, he only further proves that he has a bad temper, and is actually somewhat abusive towards Belle. First, he takes her prisoner instead of her father. Then he tries to force her to come out of her room to eat with him after separating her from the only family she's ever known. He absolutely loses it when she breaks his rules, and causes her to run away. One could actually metaphorically say he throws her to the wolves, which is symbolized in the actual wolves in the woods. The personality change is a classic abuser tool. The abused decides to leave, and suddenly the abuser becomes different. They try to convince the abused that they love them, and that they can change. The abused gets pulled back in, only to find his or herself in the same situation once again. So before talking about how poor, poor Prince Adam is ostracized, try looking at the facts. His behavior is totally indicative of an abuser, and Belle, in this case, is the abused. Try again."

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Schoolgirl football referee asks parents to stop verbal abuse

A teenage girl who "gets" it!!! Yea. WE need more of these--please read her story below.

Schoolgirl football referee asks parents to stop verbal abuse | UK news | The Guardian: "She was called a “fucking disgrace” and told “you don’t know what you’re fucking doing” when she did not allow a goal because a shot rebounded off the bar but did not, as far as she could tell, cross the line."

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Difference between and abuser and being abusive

This is the wierdest love advice column I have ever read! This guy Eppy has a unique take on verbal abuse--OK for a guy to be abusive because it doesn't last long, but being an abuser is a no-no! Well, in our work, we think any abuse is unnecessary and you do not have to stand for any of it--not from abusers or those "just" being abusive--read his column--stupid!

After verbal abuse comes physical abuse | Health And Family, Lifestyle Features, The Philippine Star | philstar.com: "There is a difference between an abusive person and an abuser.  Abusive persons are those who sometimes hurt others because they cannot control their aggressive impulse at times.  But most of the time, they can control their aggression and live intimately with others peacefully.  There would be spurts of aggression, which slips out especially during stress.  However, it can be controlled within a few seconds or minutes.  Anyone you meet and everybody you know can be abusive, but they are not abusers."

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