Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Verbal abuse of elderly is heartless, dehumanizing

You don't have to be young or a spouse to be abused--it happens in all strata. WE always say that someone can only abuse you if you allow it--but the really young and the really elder folk sometimes can't stop it--, they are not able and those are the ones we need desperately to protect. It is dehumanizing.

Verbal abuse of elderly is heartless, dehumanizing: "Verbal abuse is one of the most heartless and dehumanizing behaviors that seems to have become the norm in so many situations where senior citizens are left in the care of family members. This can be seen every day in grocery stores, malls and restaurants across the country, with the worst abuse being perpetrated behind closed doors. The testimonies of many of these folks who fall victim to this atrocious malign are heartbreaking. “Honor Thy Father and Mother” is one of God’s Ten Commandments"

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