Saturday, December 27, 2008

There is all types of abuse - THE DIVA WITHIN

Great discussion here in this blog discussion. they discuss what type of abuse if the worst--now what I would like to see is what rationalizations we tell ourselves to allow the abuse in the first place!

There is all types of abuse - THE DIVA WITHIN: "While all forms of abuse are horrid for the person subjected to them I personally believe that Emotional Abuse is the worst. There are no physical signs letting those closest to you know 100% for sure that something is wrong. Emotional abuse doesn't leave visible scars and often is much harder to over come than Sexual or Physical Abuse.

Emotional abuse attacks to heart and sole of a person. In the beginning its just a few comments here and there but then they progress to belittling a person, making them question their each and every action until the person no longer knows or even worse cares who they are. Sexual and Physical Abuse can happen repeated but in most cases Emotional Abuse lasts a life-time.

Being strong enough to see it, being strong enough to over come it and being strong enough to believe you will survive are the only medications you have to recover."