Wednesday, December 21, 2005

We Mistakenly Believe

This site is very pesimistic, but they deal with domestic violence and of course, we try to change people before that becomes the condition. They do have some terrific comments on what we mistakenly beleive and I like that.

We Mistakenly Believe

That he cares about us and our well-being, if only we were better able to express and explain what we mean, he wouldn’t be so angry or disgusted with us, if only we didn’t have some inexplicable problem in perception, we wouldn’t take things the wrong way, if only we weren’t so inadequate—we wouldn’t feel so much pain and hurt, that he is sincere, that he is the same way with everyone and they don’t make him mad, so there must be something wrong with us, like he was always saying “this is what I’m talking about ..I just want to be happy — I don’t see us being happy -you make me do this, you make me drink, you’re going to make me drink, you, you, you are the problem”,

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bigamy is Definatley Considered Abuse

Maybe they don't call you names, or hit you, or put you down, but they are keeping a huge secret from you. They are liars and frauds and even if they don't overtly "abuse" their targets, their whole relationship with their target is deceptive. It is shattering to find out that everything you thought about your husband is based on lies--the life you were building, the intimacy, the sacredness of marriage. Read about the pain on Sandra's blog, Fighting Bigamy, and you will know they are hard-core abusers (she calls them emotional vampires!):

Not only do bigamists dish out emotional abuse to targets (victims), but they ruin people financially as well. Marriage is a legal contract, and bigamy is fraud. It is a felony in all but thirteen states. ..........Bigamists wreak havoc on the lives they touch, not only emotionally but also financially. And, in my opinion many bigamists are psychopaths (sociopath) con men who prey on trusting, kind women and men.
On a related note: visits to our site have more than tripled
since the Dr. Phil show. We want to post more stories and begin women on the road to realizing "You are not a victim, you are a target." At we believe that you can learn NOT to be anyone's target again. Yes, we want each of us to tell and make the abusers responsible for their own behavior, but more importantly we want YOU to learn how not to let it happen in the first place. Get the tutorial--start practicing empowerment behavior!

Friday, December 9, 2005

An Abuser We Talked About, Arrested!!!

Just so you know Sandra's ABUSER (Ed Hicks - Psychopath, Bigamist, Legend in his own Mind) was arrested today.

Go to the blog CyerPaths for details. Justice can be had - if you TELL TELL TELL.

Also - SEE HOLLY'S IMPACT STATEMENT and read a quote from her given in 1998 about TELLING!! It's a keeper!!

Fight For Justice

* Silence is the ultimate killer in the end. You need to tell someone if you want a healthy life and want to trust men again. *

Monday, December 5, 2005

Christmas Super Saver, only 3 days left on Abuse Gifts

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Is it Legal to Expose Them?

We liked the article so much, we got permission to add it to our articles. If you haven't read this yet, it is very provocative and worth your time! Is it Legal?

Sunday, December 4, 2005

Is it Legal to Expose them?

Our friend over at Blogcritic, Fighter, has written a terrific article about the legality of exposing the secrets and abusers online. She writes:
Be careful, the law regarding internet communications is still new so ask yourself: are you exposing them to be mean or get revenge? Or are you doing it to warn others and possibly stop the cyberpath from destroying themselves and their families? Are you being vindictive or shedding real light on the situation? When you point the finger at someone there are always three fingers pointing back at you. Your stories may help some potential victim see the patterns of behavior displayed by these people and avoid a lot of heartache. They may be cathartic as well.
I don't perosnally give a rats ass if we are doing it to be mean or revengeful--I have no illusions that I wanted to strike out at Bob Bowman and hurt him for what he did, and then would not admit! My whole manrriage was taken down with his addiction to sex and flashing himself and he didn't want to change. So do I care that I lashed out? I think this did me good and may end up helping him out of his denial!
Check out the article: Is it Legal?

Thursday, December 1, 2005

Dr. Phil Date changes

As many of you already know, Julie Flint-Hicks and Sandra Phipps-Hicks taped the Dr. Phil show in October. The Ed Hicks expose, originally scheduled for 12 December, will air on Dr. Phil Monday, 5 December; you can check local listing for the time
and channel at: (For metro DC viewers, Dr. Phil is on
Channel 4 at 3 PM.)

And you can read the latest article on (Psychopaths/Sociopaths
Turn Love into Fraud) at:

Sandra Phipps-Hicks

Be sure to come here and lets blog about it after the show!!!!!