Sunday, December 4, 2005

Is it Legal to Expose them?

Our friend over at Blogcritic, Fighter, has written a terrific article about the legality of exposing the secrets and abusers online. She writes:
Be careful, the law regarding internet communications is still new so ask yourself: are you exposing them to be mean or get revenge? Or are you doing it to warn others and possibly stop the cyberpath from destroying themselves and their families? Are you being vindictive or shedding real light on the situation? When you point the finger at someone there are always three fingers pointing back at you. Your stories may help some potential victim see the patterns of behavior displayed by these people and avoid a lot of heartache. They may be cathartic as well.
I don't perosnally give a rats ass if we are doing it to be mean or revengeful--I have no illusions that I wanted to strike out at Bob Bowman and hurt him for what he did, and then would not admit! My whole manrriage was taken down with his addiction to sex and flashing himself and he didn't want to change. So do I care that I lashed out? I think this did me good and may end up helping him out of his denial!
Check out the article: Is it Legal?

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  1. One other thing, Shelly...

    your story about Bob helped me (for example) to draw on a lot of similarities in my own abuse situation. Helping others see they aren't alone? It's a big deal

    It's NOT about revenge. Exposing these abusers can be cathartic - yes - but it is a prime way to take back YOUR OWN power, dignity and self-control. And THAT is a good thing.


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