Wednesday, December 21, 2005

We Mistakenly Believe

This site is very pesimistic, but they deal with domestic violence and of course, we try to change people before that becomes the condition. They do have some terrific comments on what we mistakenly beleive and I like that.

We Mistakenly Believe

That he cares about us and our well-being, if only we were better able to express and explain what we mean, he wouldn’t be so angry or disgusted with us, if only we didn’t have some inexplicable problem in perception, we wouldn’t take things the wrong way, if only we weren’t so inadequate—we wouldn’t feel so much pain and hurt, that he is sincere, that he is the same way with everyone and they don’t make him mad, so there must be something wrong with us, like he was always saying “this is what I’m talking about ..I just want to be happy — I don’t see us being happy -you make me do this, you make me drink, you’re going to make me drink, you, you, you are the problem”,

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