Saturday, November 26, 2005

Excerpts from The Art of Seduction

These are excerpts from the book THE ART OF SEDUCTION by Robert Greene. Many of these seduction techniques are time-tested and often used in sales & marketing as well as the training of Neuro-Linguistic Programming for salesmen and advertising persons. For anyone who thinks those "seduce women now" sites are total b.s. - think again.

It's another blog--check out the article.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Wow, One of our contributors on Dr. Phil!

Sandra Phipps, who is Fighting Bigamy and Julie (wife #6 to Ed Hicks) will will be broadcast on Monday, 12 December. Be sure to watch!. Sandra did a nine hour taping today at her home, and a part of that was where she showed them her story on our site!

Read about her story BEFORE you see the Dr. Phil show here:
Psycho Bigamist: A legend in his own mind
This is a courageous Woman, bringing her situation to the courts.

We are having almost 50 visits a day at the site now. The Tutorial is helping a lot of people (including men) to get out of the victim role. Have you signed up for it yet?

We will be having a blogging discussion on the program from Dr. Phil beginning Monday Dec 12--Don't forget to come here and blog after the show!

Friday, November 11, 2005

NEW! Con Man Story and Abuse Poem

We've been getting a lot of submissions lately for stories. Will get them up as I have time. Here are the two latest:
Goodbye: A poem by Jennifer written on the night she left.

Pen Pal Psycho: In spite of some red flags here and there, she was blind). Here is Alexandrea's story from Portegal
Our hits per day have gone up dramtically. Many many women and a few guys have requested the tutorial. The ones who stick with it are reporting dramatic changes in their outlook on their relationships. Some choose to leave, but many are learning to make their relationships work--they learned to stop the abuse and had a spouse tht didn't look for sicker pasturers!

Why so some people not do the lessons in the turtorial? Well some are still pretty angry and they want to blame and get revenge . They are not yet ready to take repsonibility what what they allow to happen to them. Others are so into the pattern that it scares them to think of stopping. Still others are afraid to "rock the boat" for many reasons--they still are not ready. What about you? Or those you care about. Are they ready?

Friday, November 4, 2005

Love is Not Abuse

Wow--what a great site. Their messages are right to the point. Lots of it is geared to "teens" but hey, aren't we all emotionally immature when we allow ourselves to be abused? There is plenty for guys too! Here is one part that answers "Why? Why do we stay..."
A guy doesnt usually start hitting his girlfriend out of the blue — it generally starts after a history of verbal and emotional abuse; cutting her down, telling her she's fat or ugly, chipping away at her sense of self worth. Typically, by the time the physical violence begins, her self-esteem is seriously damaged. When she doesn't value herself, it is more likely that she'll accept and put up with the physical abuse. Once her self-esteem has been broken down, it can be even harder for her to leave the relationship.

The site has suggested action steps and focus's on educating yourself and respecting yourself. Sound Familiar? Great site--take a look.