Friday, November 4, 2005

Love is Not Abuse

Wow--what a great site. Their messages are right to the point. Lots of it is geared to "teens" but hey, aren't we all emotionally immature when we allow ourselves to be abused? There is plenty for guys too! Here is one part that answers "Why? Why do we stay..."
A guy doesnt usually start hitting his girlfriend out of the blue — it generally starts after a history of verbal and emotional abuse; cutting her down, telling her she's fat or ugly, chipping away at her sense of self worth. Typically, by the time the physical violence begins, her self-esteem is seriously damaged. When she doesn't value herself, it is more likely that she'll accept and put up with the physical abuse. Once her self-esteem has been broken down, it can be even harder for her to leave the relationship.

The site has suggested action steps and focus's on educating yourself and respecting yourself. Sound Familiar? Great site--take a look.

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