Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What to do if you see domestic abuse in public.what kind of a jerk does that?

Seeing abuse in public is always hard on me. I want to help and yet I know that most partners really don't want help. They want sympathy--they want someone to talk sense into their partner, they want someone to make it stop. The thing is, only they can make it stop by demanding respect--they don't know they actually have the power it the relationship--they think it is the abuser.But the abuser abuses from a place of feeling powerless..so ironic. So what kind of a jerk abuses? Teh kind who has no power.

This is a good article to read.
What to do if you see domestic abuse in public: "What? Who?

Between gasps, she explained that she and her boyfriend had just been in a fight, and it had ended with him storming off, taking her glasses with him. She had poor eyesight, and couldn't see well enough to find her way out of the park. To make matters worse, she wasn't from London, and her phone was dead.

She was stranded, far from home, and unable to see. No wonder she was so upset. What kind of jerk does that? I thought."

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