Sunday, July 1, 2012

Can Verbal Abuse Hurt a Dog?

Well verbal abuse hurts women, men, mothers, fathers, children and dogs? I would say we have to look at it and we know that if someone abuses a dog, they are very likely to abuse their partner. Its a red flag for us. Soooo, how is your abuser with your animals?

Can Verbal Abuse Hurt a Dog? - Yahoo! Answers: "No, I am not crazy... But my dog stayed at my step-grandmother's house while I was hospitalized. There was another dog there (her) dog a pesky little rat we will call a chiuawana or PEPE. This dog would not leave my dog alone for the life of her. I feel my dog got tired of this dog bothering her, and not being walked, I walk my dog 4x a day. Step-GM doesn't walk her dog, just throughs it out in the back yard. Well, my dog peed in house a few times, and when she did **** hit the van verbally to my dog. Call her an embarrassment, you should be ashamed of yourself, I hate your behaviour. I just don't think you should speak down to anything excpet maybe a murder or criminal."

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  1. Dogs who are not used to abusive tones can be traumatized--yes. But dogs have different constitutions too and some are stronger and some not so. So someone can be really stern and a dog may like to kow his place...but if you have to be abusive to your dog--you haven't got much of a life.


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