Friday, July 27, 2012

Review - Respect-Me Rules - Self-Help

Check this out--My Brother, Dr. Marshal and myself got a great review at Metaphyscology Online Reviews--it was done by  Kumari de Silva and we really want to thank her for the heads up!

Review - Respect-Me Rules - Self-Help: ""Targets" as described in the Respect-me-Rules are people who respond to aggression with increased compliance thus "training" their abusers that rude behavior is an effective means of communication.  The dynamic between the two partners can be upset by changes in the target’s behavior, regardless of whether the abuser changes.  This is important, because as the authors point out, even if the target feels the abuser is at fault, we have no control over what others do. (emphasis mine.) Therefore, if targets wish to see change in the relationship, change they must."

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