Saturday, July 21, 2012

I married a Cop, and need protection from him!

We heard from Jessica from Texas about marrying a cop and then needing protection from him. This is what she wrote to us about the site:

This site has been tremendously helpful. I have in my relationships, experienced all forms of abuse. Emotional and verbal abuse is BY FAR the hardest to recover from. No one can see the bruises to know that I needed help... THey just saw this cool guy that I was married to... Such a lucky girl. Cops are notorious for being abusive to their spouses and the spouses don't know where to turn... The cops are friends with their abuser. Where do you turn? But there is very little information to be found on how to deal in this touchy situation, so thank you!

She has a good story. It is posted here:
I married a Cop: "From High School Sweetheart to the Strong Arm of the Law

I married my high school sweetheart at the tender age of 19. Like a turning on a light switch, he immediately began to physically and sexually abuse me. I quickly left feeling it necessary to leave the state to protect myself. I headed West with fantasies in my mind about a strong man that could finally make me feel safe. I met and became good friends with a police officer. If anyone could keep me safe it was a cop. So I thought."

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  1. Dear Jessica I too was married to a cop 50 years ago. He used to physically abuse me along with all the rest of the put downs and threats. so not much has changed in that profession. I was glad to hear your statistic of 4 times more likely to abuse, seems right to me. I too don't know why I took the abuse, it seemed to me that I deserved it or that everyone was treated the way I was. My solution was to live alone and for me it was the right one, I've never regretted it. What ever you decide to do I hope abuse is never part of your future. I'll send good thoughts your way.

  2. Thank you Anonymous for the validation that there are other women out there being abused by police officer spouses. I find it very sad that this profession has been out there protecting the public and then going home to abuse the one they should be protecting the most... Their family. I have been divorced from my ex for 2 years now and am so thankful for this. Yes, it continues to be struggle with him as he still tries to get at me from any angle he can. But I can now have the police at least remove him from my property. I know that I can now press charges if he kicks in my door. I hope and pray that Chiefs of Police Depts open up their eyes to this great need and strive to make changes in the way that their officers behave.


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