Monday, July 23, 2012

Help, I'm verbally abusive

Wow--A woman who admits ! We are making progress....

And to prove what we always say--its not just to women--women abuse too.

Help, I'm verbally abusive: "Help, I'm verbally abusive    
So here's the deal. My bf doesn't always call or pay attention to me. When this happens I tend to get very verbally abusive. I say the things that really get under his skin.

If we don't talk for a day, it doesn't bother me, but if it's day 2 or 3 then I start to get really angry. It wasn't always like this. I used to feel safe and secure in the relationship and now I don't. This pattern happens in all my relationships. He says that it doesn't have to do with me that he just needs time for himself and "space", but a nagging feeling keeps telling me that it's my fault he doesn't want to spend time with me or call. "

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