Saturday, April 21, 2007

True You Recovery -Learning to ditch secrete keeping

i don't beleive in keeping secrets becasue i think it is the single greatest destoryer of familes and marriages. I bleive in not keeping our own and not keeping theirs! Keeping their secrets is enabling--a friend has written a book that you must read! check it out!

True You Recovery - Enriching life through personal growth and recovery!: "For three decades, author and counselor John Howard Prin lived as a Secret Keeper®, and his secret addictions escalated to near catastrophe. Since breaking the habit, he has directly experienced the rewards of successful recovery — whole-mindedness and renewed integrity. In these pages, he offers compelling true stories and practical exercises to empower readers to break their secret-keeping® habit or help a loved one caught in a web of deception.

The first half of the book explores the human tendency to keep secrets, profiling a variety of secret keepers from all walks of life. The second half provides a clear, step-by-step approach to healing, rebuilding self-esteem, and living a healthy, secret-free life."

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