Saturday, December 21, 2013

OH no! a mistake on the Tutorial!

Emily M was taking the FREE tutorial online to learn how to stop abuse when she noticed that several of our links were not working in Section 3. Sure enough, the outside website had taken them down. She was kind enough to write in and let us know because you really can't answer the questions without those links from Bullies 2 Buddys. A few participants stopped at Section 3 and I wondered why--this may be the reason. For those of you who noticed the nonfunctional links, please go back to Section 3 and do it again. Its worth it!
What are the Rules?: "For clarification we want you to study the Bullies 2 Buddies website and understand how you can take away the power of your abuser and still be "nice" to him or her. It is by using the Golden Rule. Read this article: The True Meaning of the Golden Rule: Love Your Bullies
At first the article might not seem related to what you want to know. It is, so read to the end. The principle behind this is rooted in science. You might say, "But the article says to be nice to the bully and you tell us not the reward your partner for bad behavior--isn't that the same?" No--we never want to bully back. And being "nice" doesn't mean you have to do what they say or allow them to call you names and say ugly things about you. "

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