Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Top 10 Signs of Abuse and another grduate

Below is an article on how to recognize verbal abuse. It is not always easy when you are smack in the middle of it--so its good to review the signs now and again--today is the day you review this.

For Rachel L--who just graduated from the tutorial in Verbal Abuse Defense--she is learning how to repsond (or not as the case may be) Congratulations Rachel..

How to Recognize Verbal Abuse - The Top 10 Signs of Abuse: "Verbal abuse, or mental abuse, is passed on like a life-threatening disease throughout the family.  We choose mates, places of employment and friends based upon family patterns of familiarity.  No one ever intends to become verbally abusive, but it happens more often than we care to admit."

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  1. Sherrie TaraskevichMarch 16, 2014 at 12:51 PM

    There are times that after and encounter with work associates I realize they were not respecting me. So yes it is a good thing to review so you can be aware of ways people do not respect you. Disrespect occurs in the workplace many times, its good to be ready to correct inappropriate statements used to put you down and the other person up.

  2. Good point. Although the book mainly talks about partners in relationships, the principles and the rules apply to all situations where people try to "get the better" of you and be disrespectful. If you learn the basic concepts you can apply them to partners,, parents, siblings, coworkers--etc.


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