Thursday, January 30, 2014

Another graduate from the Verbal Defense Abuse tutorial

YEA! for Patrizia C. from the United Kingdom, she just graduated and earned her certificate. In lesson three she wrote a great answer that we particularly like.

By giving to abusers everything they want and by allowing them to mean to as, actually we act in a  wrong why because we make them think that their behavior is right and they don't see the need to change and improve it.
You did a good job Patrizia. If the rest of you haven't taken the tutorial, think about it now. It makes a difference in how you look at abuse.

Respect Me Rules Workshop Introduction: "Introduction

Our FREE Web-based Tutorial will help you understand abusive issues in depth. On this page we present a brief introduction to the tutorial and some guidelines. The tutorial is divided into four sections designed to help build your understanding of the skills used by those who go from victim to victor. The tutorial is free but you must complete all four forms at the end of each section in order to earn your Verbal Abuse Defense Certificate."

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