Thursday, October 12, 2006

Retalitory Abuse

Although most targets are women in verbal abuse--there is a percentage of men--in physical abuse it's less than 5% but for verbal, there are a lot ow women who really attack their guys... Abuse is Abuse is Abuse--if its retalitory for what they said to you--its still not justified!

Domestic abuse victims find a helping hand in Dickson County - Wednesday, 10/11/06: "“We know statistically that about 95 percent of domestic violence victims are women. Some of those numbers reflect homosexual relationships, lesbian relationships. The five percent of domestic violence victims that are men, a large number of those reflect male partner violence. In the small remaining amount, there are some men that are truly victims and some of it is retaliatory, women who are at a point where they have nothing to lose.”"

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