Friday, October 13, 2006

Bully Buster Seminar

Verbal abusers are big bullies. And yes, we can learn the skills to deal with them. This article suggest conflict resolution skills and peace education which is a crock! bullies and abusers don't respond to "nice"--they abuse it, they turn it around on you and make you feel guilty--the only way to stop them is to not allow the bad behavior AT ALL! the article is interesting though--read on...

Free Community Bully Buster Seminar: "“While it’s the violent bullying that makes the headlines, the vast majority of bullying comes in the form of verbal bullying,” claims Robinson. “Verbal bullying doesn’t hurt physically, but it can have deeper consequences such as low self-esteem and poor self-image.”

Robinson believes that learning how to deal with a bully is a skill just like reading or writing. "

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  1. Heck yah!! Verbal abuse has been tied to PTSD, anxiety and clinical depression. I am going to look for such a seminar for my kids' schools.


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