Friday, October 6, 2006

a book to keep the marriage intact

we want to save marriages, but not at the expense of one partner. It ony works to save the marriage if the abused spouse learns to STOP being abused. "Sometimes, though, the conventional wisdom misses the mark. Drawing on interviews with 100 prominent divorce attorneys nationwide, author and former practicing attorney Wendy Jaffe has written an interesting and illuminating work called, 'The Divorce Lawyers' Guide to Staying Married.' Apparently, those with ringside seats in divorce court, a place where couples venture to shred their wedding vows and one another, have a special insight into how not to behave in marriage.

In her book, Jaffe outlines how to diagnose and treat myriad union-killers, ranging from no-sex marriages to infidelity to unrealistic expectations. Beyond that, she argues that many couples who end up in divorce court could have, and should have, worked harder to save their unions. "

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