Sunday, October 8, 2006

Offensive language--new word

As long as we are learning a new way to relate to people, we may as well lern new words too! How about this one: nestbeschmutzing (fouling one’s own nest)
Isn't that what the abuser does?

There's Offensive And There's Offensive - "The book’s deliberately tasteless provocations, what Glickman agonizes over as symptoms of nestbeschmutzing (fouling one’s own nest), aren’t limited to verbal abuse. There’s also the insistence on the quasi-pornographic appeal of atrocity literature: For the adolescent Glickman, the illustrated Scourge of the Swastika (referred to in at least one earlier Jacobson novel), later the notorious soft porn film, Ilse, She-Wolf of the SS, a video of which turns up in the collection of Max’s sometime nemesis, Errol Tobias."

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