Friday, March 1, 2013

time to weigh in on violence against women act.

Although I applaud the Violence Against Women act for attempting equalize the playing field between men beating the crap out of women--I am sick that they are now encouraging women to play "victim" with verbal and emotional abuse -are you kidding me???? it is a federal crime now to verbally abuse your partner--the same partner,  as we know here at Your Are A Target--that wimp and whine and give their power away to their mates? Now when women get their feelings hurt they can prosecute their mate?

Attorneys are already jumping on the band wagon to encourage women to take advantage of this new sickening part of the law--instead of teaching women that no one can verbally abuse them unless they allow it--instead of giving women back their power--they have stripped them of their dignity--encourage them to break up their families and blame blame blame. Wow--we should be teaching girls and women that they are strong--not calling them victims and showing them how to punish and blame their partners---

Here's one attorney jumping on the band wagon--and exploiting families:

The Law Offices of Gary J. Kim - Related Immigration Articles - VAWA Waiver & I-751 Abuse Waiver: "Those who suffered mental abuse, verbal abuse or emotional abuse can self-petition through VAWA without evidence of physical abuse.

In order to prove abuse, many forms of evidence are accepted by the USCIS. A police report or hospital report may serve as clear evidence that the victim has suffered some form of physical, mental or verbal abuse. In addition, an independent report from a social services agency, an independent report from a psychologist, a support letter from minister or pastor and affidavits from friends and family members who witnessed the abuse can serve as evidence of abuse."
In addition to throwing millions of women into the victim position VAWA also has other serious flaws:

VAWA has increased prosecution rates of domestic violence cases, but there is little conclusive evidence that it has significantly reduced the incidence of violence. According to the Department of Justice (DOJ), the rate of intimate partner violence dropped 64% between 1994 and 2010, a drop pro-VAWA policymakers largely attribute to the law. But this decrease happened at the same time violent crime as a whole fell dramatically nationwide, making it hard to know whether a drop in domestic violence might have happened without the policies adopted under VAWA. Read more:
And there are a multitude of reasons this act will hurt women which you can read here:

Women need to stop verbal abuse themselves by learning not to let their partners walk on them--they don't need to be blaming their partners for what they allow in their lives--this new expanded part of the law will serious set women back in taking back their power.

I am sick about it.

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