Sunday, March 3, 2013

You-are-a-Target Workshop is Streamlined and simple!

Good news regarding the "You are a Target" verbal abuse workshop. It has been streamlined with Section "completion forms" at the end of each section. You can fill them out online and submit with a simple push of a button to get your assignments in.

When you complete all 4 assignments, you earn a Certificate of Completion which is signed by Dr. Marshall and emailed to you. You no longer need a password for Section 3 and 4.

Before the upgrading,  a number of participants got lost in cyberland. However, the files have been recovered and we can send the certificate with just a quick check of our records.

If you already went through the workshop, check to see if you completed each section--and if not, you can do it now. Other wise, get started today. Click here.

Section 1 Defining the Problem:
Section 2 The Miracle Principle:
Section 3 What are the 12 Respect-me RULES?
Section 4 Closure

If you completed them, please reply to this email and request your Certificate of Completion (be sure to give us your name)--or simply send in the completion forms at the end of the sections you missed and we will get your participation logged and send out your certificate.

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Signed, Dr. Mike and Shelly

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  1. Thanks, my therapist recommend I take this last year. I guess nows the time.


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