Monday, December 31, 2012

Can i sue my siblings for verbal abuse and harassment?

It is not just partners that can verbally abuse. We often hear about siblings, parents and coworkers abusing too. it seems that some people just are of the disposition that they don't defend their personal rights. these same people are very often the first to defend the rights of others. I remember taking it and taking it from my husband to the point where he actually hit me once. I kept trying to make it better, but the day he went after my cousin, I had had it. I remember, it was Christmas in the 70's. He had slowly removed me form my family--living away, never letting them visit. So my cousin asked to come for Christmas and he said NO. that was the straw that broke the camel's back...I decided to leave.

Oh Geeze, getting away from the topic--others that abuse. Here is a good one. I almost have to laugh--this person might think about the Respect me Rules and applying them. Her siblings cannot verbally abuse her unless she lets them. read this and see if you can think of one of the Rules that might put an end to this. (hint: boundaries)

Can i sue my siblings for verbal abuse and harassment? - Yahoo! Answers: "Can i sue my siblings for verbal abuse and harassment?
They tormented me and i have a few little videos on my phone showing how they were verbally abusing me and tormenting me so i have proof and will be recording more of it and when i tell them to stop bullying me they won't. "

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