Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dealing with Family Stress During the Holidays |

Here' an article about dealing with stress at Christmas. Unfortunately just when we are supposed to be celebrating love and all the good things in life, along come abuse and the holidays are ruined, again, and again, and again. Why do we allow it? Why not this year have an alternate plan. If the partner that abuses just can't keep it together and wants to drag you and the kids down, have an alternate plan--what? How about going to see the Hobbit together? go to Grandmas for dinner and don't invite the abuser, go to a friends, how about church? Plan to hike at the local can come up with a plan b so that when you hear yourself called a name, or not given a gift (passive aggression) or told that the gift you gave stinks and you don't really love them or you would "know" what he wanted, you have an alternative--

John, I love you but I don't love the way you treat me (describe it), there fore I am going to see the Hobbit and treat myself to popcorn--my Christmas is special to me.

Here's an article that attempts to help you do it better:

Dealing with Family Stress During the Holidays | Stop Child Abuse Now of Northern Virginia: "What does stress do to families during the holidays?
Every family reacts different to stress during the holidays. But some of the most common effects include:
Arguments, fighting and other poor communication skills are more common during the holidays
Fatigue, health problems and general exhaustion because of busy or unusual schedules
Confusion (especially in children) about the real meaning of their family's holiday, other cultural traditions, etc.
More dependence on food, alcohol and other substances"

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