Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Life With An Abuser vs Life Free to Choose|

When you practice learning self-respect and how to force your partner to respect (which doesn't involve force at all), you don't have to worry about leaving them--if they can't learn to respect you, they often are the ones to leave. I know, because when I set my boundaries --ie, you will not run naked around the neighborhood and you will seek help) he chose to leave me. I insisted we live apart while he get therapy--and us together -and once we were in therapy, we could decide if we had a marriage worth saving. He decided he would leave me because  "I would not stand by him." Well, I saw it as me going above and beyond, but he saw it as desertion...

Go figure. In any case, yes, I'm glad he left, although it was not my first choice--below read about a woman who left her abuser--good story.

Life With An Abuser vs Life Free to Choose| Verbal Abuse | Emotional Abuse | About Domestic Violence: "I left my life with an abuser almost three years ago, and the real roller coaster ride revealed itself. On the uphill climbs"  I feel simultaneously excited and worried about reaching the top. Sitting on the peak, before the thrilling plummet, I feel on top of my game, as if nothing can break me. The ride down leaves me breathless, heart pounding, and then, as everyone whose ridden a roller coaster knows, there is a period of hairpin turns and loops; during this part of the ride I feel out of control and uncomfortable.

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