Monday, June 12, 2006

TheRealityCheck.Org Writing & Public Relations

I read this bit on violence and wondered where they got the idea that women were TWICE as likely to be severly violent than men?

TheRealityCheck.Org Writing & Public Relations: "Psychologist Renee McDonald interviewed married and co-habiting couples, and reported that women were twice as likely to engage in severe partner violence: Family violence researcher Murray Straus recently presented findings from over 13,000 university students in dating relationships. He found that female-only violence was twice as common as male-only violence:"
I decided to look up the "research" they cited and this is what it really said:
Specifically, women were more likely than men to throw something, push, grab, shove, slap, kick, bite, hit or threaten a partner with a knife or gun.
However, men were more likely than women to commit "severe" acts of violence, such as beating, choking, burning, forcing sex or actually using a knife or gun on their partners.
I think Reality Check" needs a reality check on itself! It's reporting things in such a slanted way as to make "open" discussion laughable.

I wonder sometimes about the verbal abusers. Women do abuse the guys! Of course men's abuse carries more power and is scarey as such, but emotionally it doesn't matter who is the perpetrator or who is the target--verbal abuse HURTS.

Take responsiblity and inforce the respect-me rules.

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