Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hair Dressers can help the abused

Thi sis an example of the commnity pulling together and educating men and women who really need help!

Controlling behavior can sometimes be spotted by a stylist, Krasniak said.

"You might start offering a change (of hairstyle) and she says, 'No he would not like that,' or 'He would kill me if I cut my hair,'" she said. "You start to think there might be some control issues."

Over the years Krasniak has suspected that some of her clients were victims of abuse. Some of them opened up and described their partner's behavior.

"I would just listen to what they told me," she said. "I told them there were programs out there and just advised them to seek help."

The new program trains stylists to steer people who may be abused toward one of the state's nine domestic violence projects, Blanchard said.

YOu can read aboout this novel program here.

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