Saturday, June 24, 2006

Difficult Relationships » Blog Archive » Partner abuse

Great blog!!!! after you read it, go down and read what a commentor "Crusader: has to say--it'll make you laugh! He is everything we don't want in a man! and he thinks he's being cool. WOW--what do you think

Difficult Relationships » Blog Archive » Partner abuse: "If any one of the following is true I’d suggest you get immediate outside help:

1. When you talk about your feelings your partner railroads the discussion and gives you no time to think or express yourself.

2. You can’t discuss what is bothering you for fear of things getting out of hand.

3. Your partner criticizes, humiliates and undermines you.

4. He or she ridicules you when you express yourself and ridicules your family and friends.

5. He or she keeps you “in line” by withholding money, the car, the phone.

6. He or she has stolen from you and run up debts for you to handle.

7. He or she has thrown away or destroyed things that belonged to you, opens and reads your mail, checks your phone bill and reads your emails.

8. You are often afraid of the person you are supposed to be closest to."

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