Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Native Population Myth Buster

From a Canadian site for native populations comes a wonderful informaational page that will help all of us get a better grip.

Family Violence is NOT traditional. You and your children have the right to live in a situation that is free of violence!

They also have good things to say about the types. My ex used to love to handle his gun in front of me and would tell others I was making it up: Oh well, we know what we know. Where do you see you in these?

Continual insults: Being spoken to in a degrading manner, name-calling, being told that you can't do anything, or that you are stupid, or that you're unattractive, etc.

Threats and intimidation: This includes threats or implied threats such as handling or displaying weapons during arguments, or even possessing weapons. This also includes destroying property or reckless driving.

Forced isolation: Not being able to have your own friends or do the things you want to do such as going to school or getting a job. This may be achieved by withholding money or being denied the use of a vehicle.

Sexual: Forced sex - upon yourself - without your consent - being raped

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  1. Hi Shelly,
    This is a great post, and so true. Thank you for the understanding of the Native population in Canada.


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