Friday, February 10, 2006

Preditor and Prey

Life is too short for us to be taken in by men who promise the moon and deliver mud! We have to learn to grow up and "take" responsibility not be "taken in." Here is a great couple of conversations about how men "take-in" and prey on women online. Read it and learn--but more importantly, take repsonsiblity for your choices, ladies!!!!! We know better than to cyber flirt when we are married. We are not children and if we play with fire, we get burnt.

Check out today's lesson at Fighter's site.

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  1. Thanks Shelly.

    What I found PARTICULARLY galling about this post was that this guy was trying out a "method" and he went to a NORMAL EVERYDAY chat room. The Married Room on AOL where married people JUST HANG OUT. Not a dating or flirting site. And he just TARGETED one and started with the NLP.

    We are just PREY to these guys - despite what they SAY!

    We are definitely TARGETS people. You can't believe anyone and if someone starts SHARING with you and feels they can "TELL YOU THINGS" and you don't know them.... LOG OFF!!! It's the start of something BAD!! and potentially hazardous to your heart, soul and piece of mind.


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