Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Without Empathy

One of our readers found another great site as a resource. There are many reasons for abuse in a realtionship--one of which is sociapthy--here's a site that will help explain why. My ex never loved me (admitting this was hard to swallow at first) and he married me so he could appear normal and because I took care of him--Cathrine says in her blog "Their relationships allow them to appear normal. " Yeah--been there, done that. check out her site and see if that's why your partner is an abuser.

Without Empathy

Sociopaths fail to fulfill their promises or commitment made with romantic partners. They usually have a string of broken relationships and/or failed marriages due to their inability to feel true love and sustain intimate relationships. They never really form emotional attachments and therefore lack any sense of obligation. It may appear that there is an attachment but it isn't real. According to Dr. Martha Stout in her book 'The Sociopath Next Door', sociopaths will marry but never for love. Their relationships allow them to appear normal. Sociopaths can "know the words but not the music". They learn to appear emotional and romantic by imitating others' behavior.

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