Monday, March 13, 2006

Nigerian Men and their Foreign Wives

Here is a great article that illustrates the point we make at Nigerian Men are abusive and domineering to their Nigerian wives and treat their foreign wives much better--WHY? Because they can get away with it in their culture but are less likely to get away with it with American wives--same man, two situations. In one they treat their wives badly--in the other, they don't.

Here is an excerpt from the site:
Why are Nigerian men afraid to turn control over to their Nigerian wives? Why are they averse to showing their sensitive side? Why the need to control and dominate? Why are Nigerian men reluctant to take their wives on a romantic walk to the parks and beaches, buy roses and cards? Why the need to bottle up their romantic side? Why have they refused to do for their Nigerian wives what they would heartily do for non-Nigerian women? After all, Nigerian women, unlike their foreign counterparts usually do not demand to be co-captains of the house.They usually do not demand for more than is earthly possible.

Nigerian Men and their Foreign Wives


  1. If you check my blog a couple days ago I posted about Muslim men trolling for wives (second wives too!) online.

    But of course Western/North American women wouldn't put up with their rules and regulations. Whereas SOME traditional Muslim men beat & kill women for being "assertive."

    VERY good post!!

  2. Nigerian men are equally abusive to their foreign wives, I am AMerican and was married to a Nigerian. He is still trying to get me back. Certain mentality is engrained in these men because of their culture. Women are 2nd class. My husband was possessive and domineering, his pursuits and goals are number one, my goals meant nothing.

    I know a couple of people Americans and people from the West Indians married to NIgerian and have so much strife. I didn't believe it until I married a Nigerian.

    These men have mentalities and practices that are not healthy for any woman that they are with. Woman are an asset to them, not partners. Equality and relationship building is non existant after a commitment of marriage is made to a majority of these men. It is sad


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