Tuesday, August 2, 2016

How to deal with domestic abuse -Getting Doctors involved

Mor and more articles are now dealing with abuse--verbal and emotional. Many professionals still do not actually understand the difference between violence and abuse. They have support groups where the people are combined which is a huge mistake. Domestic violence is different from Abuse in that it must be handled quite differently. If it is not, the target could be in a lot of trouble. this post (below) talks about getting your doctor involved--that is good when it comes to violence but emotional abuse? most doctors would be lost, unless it was their specialty.  The complete post referenced below is good--but predictable.
How to deal with domestic abuse - The Jakarta Post: "Abusers know how to control and manipulate you. When there is another person involved who they cannot control, they will start to feel less powerful. Sometimes it is better to get a doctor involved, as they can refer you to the right support groups that have experience with domestic abuse. You can even meet other domestic abuse victims and survivors to share stories and get support.  "

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  1. Doctors don't generally understand. Once the sheriff told me the truth. After i went to emergency for an almost broken jaw, he said, "I will arrest him if you can promise me that you will not go back. Once I do this and if you go back, it'll only get worse. I f you are not sure you are done, then please don't sign a complaint--" boy was he right. I was not done quite then--but a while later I was...


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