Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Alleged Verbal Abuse at Halloween Horror Nights

I think this is one of those cases where the "actors" for Universal went too far. I applaud the execs for actually apologising and seeing that it will not occur again but this is not a policy of theirs--it was simply a mistake--we, as a society, are getting so much better at not making these kinds of mistakes Thanks Universal!
Execs Apologize for Alleged Verbal Abuse at Halloween Horror Nights | NBC Southern California: "The lawyer for two 13-year-old girls who were called "sluts," "hookers," or "whores" during Halloween Horror Nights earlier this month said Friday the issue has been resolved.
Kayla Beals and Roxy Fisher said last week that they were hurt by the slurs captured in cellphone video.
Girls Claim Universal "Horror Nights" Verbal Abuse
The female employee heard on the cellphone video appears to be part of Universal's "Purge the Anarchy" attraction, part of its special Halloween Horror Nights. Universal Studios and NBC4 are owned by Comcast."

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