Thursday, October 23, 2014

More Graduates of the Verbal Abuse Defense Workshop

We always like to share something that each participant has learned. It is by sharing with each other that we give and get support. We have two graduates this weeks, NG and Ruth.

Here are some pics form what they learned:

N GF wrote about Closure, "My issue has been with men in a male dominated,
authoritarian, work environment. I will never have conceptual closure with
them, because they never accepted responsibility. Therefore, I would like to
do something to get the entire system changed to where it will no longer
tolerate or protect their type behavior. That would include getting annual
training implemented on workforce abuse. I would also like to write a book."

Ruth gave us the three affirmations she is using now:
 I do not allow others to call me names.
 I refuse to be manipulated.
I am responsible when I accept abusive behavior.

Good job!

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  1. I am so glad these ladies are sharing with us.


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