Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My View: Freedom of speech or verbal abuse? -

This is something we have to think about with verbal abuse--I am a staunch first amendment rights person and when my ex called me names. I told him that he could not say that to me.

He replied, "I can say any goddamned thing I want to!"

and I have to agree--he can. He just can't say them to me.  And that is the crucial. If he want s to talk like that--well, OK. Your first amendment right prevails. However, if you want to say it to me, my self-respect prevails. I chose to respect myself and remove myself from the presence of those that don't respect me.

I hope you feel the same--see what this board member says about it--even though he is not talking about a marriage or relationship, the principle is the same:

My View: Freedom of speech or verbal abuse? - Opinion - Journal Standard - Freeport, IL: "I’ve been on the Stephenson County Board for close to two years now and almost every time certain board members or members of the audience begin shouting or using abusive language. Any attempt by the chair or other members of the board to censure such behavior is met by opposition from some board members as a violation of First Amendment rights of freedom of speech"

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