Saturday, September 20, 2014

Lets Congratulate more Graduates from the Tutorial

The recent "Verbal Abuse Defense Certificate" Graduates:   We thank them all for their participation and are sharing some of the insights they learned andhoefully will carry into the future for their own self-respect.

Sharon C. (on closure)
I would understand and know that the perpetrator of abusive behavior would've and will abuse whether i was the target or not.when i learn to keep my power more proficiently, I will avoid getting sucked in to false promises in future.

Em K.  (rewarding behavior)
When we give them what they want, they believe they earned it successfully with their behavior. It is
not kind to allow them to continue this behavior.

Jennifer P.  (how he treats me)
He is a raging bull and his target is me. He acts as if he hates me and lives only to punish me. He
never apologizes for anything and we just move on like it never happened. I may bring it up, but he just denies or blames me for it. I'm fully aware of what he's trying to do.

Catherine M.   (closure)
A mutual acknowledgement that it took two people to end the "relationship". Civility. Just a parting that allows both people to go on with their lives. Respect and regard and well wishes for their future.
Gratitude for lessons learned.

Broken Heart (on rewarding behavior)
 Their behavior will only intensify if we allow our perpetrator to continue to be mean

Penny D.  (How to stop abuse)
Do not respond. Do not react. Do not reward them. Do not accept blame. Do not explain or
apologize. Focus on self-care. Do not allow contact if necessary

Jada L. (on detachment)
 Disassociating one's self from the abuser's behavior; not to dance with them. Also, to keep focused on self staying positive. Remembering that this is what you can do and this is what you cannot do.

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