Thursday, August 7, 2014

Verbal abuse is a behavior, not a disease

Recognizing abusive behavior - Star Exponent: Columnists: "Verbal abuse is a behavior not a disease.  Emotional abuse is used to control, humiliate, degrade and punish a spouse.  When a woman (or a man) suffers this abuse she starts to change her own behavior to keep her partner happy and at times becomes fearful of her partner.  The happier the partner, the less the spouse has to suffer.  She will doubt herself and her own sense of reality because emotional abuse is meant to cause the victim to question her every thought and behavior."

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  1. Yes I have been there! It is not fun living in fear and walking on eggshells. Living like that caused me to develop a strong sense of self doubt that stuck with me long after the relationship finally ended. I was very hesitant in future relationships also--constantly terrified that I was on the verge of doing something wrong and apologizing profusely when I hadn't even "messed up" necessarily. All because the emotional abuse had so deeply embedded such a strong sense of self doubt in me. It's great to know I'm not alone. Unfortunately it is so sad that so many abusive individuals prey on people like me whose nature it is to please others!


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