Tuesday, September 4, 2012

4,300 men report abuse by women - The Irish Times - Tue, Sep 04, 2012

You know, we don't talk about it often, but men are also verbally abused. I want all of us to be respected--to respect each other. I especially believe that in a relationship where you profess to LOVE your partner, respect should be at the top of the list of how to treat them. Calling your loved one any name, rewriting history, discounting their day and expounding on yours, trying to keep them away from their family or talking to their friends--whether man or woman--that is not love. Respect the one one you're with or don't be with them.

4,300 men report abuse by women - The Irish Times - Tue, Sep 04, 2012: "More than 4,300 men sought support last year from a national charity established for men suffering abuse at the hands of female partners.
Amen Support Services Ltd today published its third annual report, which revealed some 4,303 contacts with the service in 2011.
The Navan, Co Meath-based organisation said the men who contacted it spoke of incidents involving physical, emotional, psychological, verbal and sexual abuse."

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  1. I am extremely sensitive to men who are abused. It happens often, and it is SO often excused. I feel very sad for the men who have to deal with abuse AND the idea that it's normal for them to be abused. I'm very happy to hear that people are speaking up!


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