Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stop abusing your husband | The Ninja Wife (忍者妻)

We always must remember that abuse works both ways. I ran across this interesting blog and wanted to share it with you.
Stop abusing your husband | The Ninja Wife (忍者妻): "When my daughter was born, my husband kept doing things wrong: picking her up from the wrong side, folding wraps the wrong way, not being fast enough, deserting me too often when I was stuck with her in the bedroom breastfeeding. So I started yelling at him, he was avoiding me and it made me even more angry and frustrated, we were too tired to discuss things so I would explode from time to time and he would try to avoid me escaping to computer games, shops or friends. Vicious circle, downward spiral…"
Read the whole blog entry. Make sure you don't see your self reflected. If you are a bit of a Ninja wife, how can you change? Let's be honest....is there some Ninja in you?
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