Friday, August 11, 2006

When they destroy your property

One of the things I used to hate was that Bob Bowman, my ex, used to go on rampages and destroy my things and our things. When I went to the police they told me that he was allowed to destroy antyhing he wanted on our property! I'm glad to see that some people are thinking about making laws that may cover us when our spouses (male or female) get out of control. Naturally everyone's premiums will go up to cover domestic abuse rampages..but then we are complicit in the abuse by keeping their secrets! Read about the new laws here:

Straus Newspapers - Pike County Courier / News: "The law aims to prevent abuse victims from being victimized a second time by insurance companies that refuse to pay their claims simply because their abuser intentionally causes the damage to property they may share.

Under the new law, an insurance company cannot refuse to pay losses specifically under an owner-occupied private residential or personal property, private passenger automobile policy or contract. An insurer may not refuse to pay losses to a victim of abuse because the loss is caused by an intentional act of an insured person, or for other limitations on coverage that the Insurance Commissioner determines unreasonably restrict a victim’s ability to recoup losses."


  1. I need help. I didn't realise that when a man asks for pictures of your genitals, that he was being abusive.

    I wonder how many women out there don't know this? I've seen abusive relationships defined every single way, but I've never seen this particular definition.

    I guess if I'm uncomfortable with it, then the answer is "no".

  2. Wow!! Great post and I am glad to see it. My estranged kicked my apartment door in so hard the jam broke off. Police said... "well he pays the bills and is part owner so nothing you can do." And they gave me a hard time for "being difficult."

    This sort of law is LOOOONG overdue. Good find Shelly!!

  3. Really? Sorry I just hooked up some feeds which probably made it more difficult for you. You can send me comments (along with which post they are for) at and I will post them for you!! Also feel free to pinch anything you feel would help people here! Gotta get the truth and tools to deal with it out there.


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